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Out of Print!

(e-mail to enquire on it!)

Out of Print!

(e-mail us to enquire on it!)

1. Intro
2. Suicide Soda
3. A+ in Evil (download song)
4. Too Drunk To Fuck
5. Strawberry Milk
6. I'm That Kind of Girl (download song)
7. Second Hand Stimulation (download song)
8. Sailor Song
9. The Guy With No Dick and No Ass
10. Lizzie (download song)
11. Don't Give Up
12. Alien Abortion
13. Destruction
14. 3-613-11/7-5

It was recorded by Jeff Hoskins, mixed by Albert Bouchard (Brain Surgeons, Blue Oyster Cult),and mastered by Joel Hamilton and Tony Maimone (Pere Ubu) in Studio G!
Photos by Cass and art by Danny Hellman!

1.) Rock and Roll Rat
2.) Skankville (download song!)
3.) Barnyard Animals
4.) New Boy
5.) D.F.
6.) XxXy
7.) Psycho Kitty (download song!)
8.) Maneaters(get off the road*)
9.) Mz. Pak-Man (theme*)
10.)Gimme Something Good (download song!)
11.)Oh! No!

Cover artwork by MZ. PAKMAN! Design by Jenny Devil Doll. Recorded by James Kavoussi at Rubulad. Produced by Billy Syndrome 2000.

1) Rock n' Roll Rat
2) Gimme Something Good
3) Alien Abortion
4) Suicide Soda (download song)
5) XxXy
6) Psycho Kitty
7) D.F. (download song)
8) Skankville
9) Barnyard Animals
10)Oh! No!
11) Strawberry Milk (download song)
12) Maneaters

(cover photos by LisSsa layout by Abby)

Mz. Pakman recorded live on WFMU for
Joe Belock's THREE CHORD MONTY show 6/28/01
engineered by Jesse Cannon
mastered at Studio G by Tony Maimone

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check this A+ in Evil(Friday the 13th Mix) mp3 from ROTTEN TO THE CORE CD

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